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Learning Communities

Bloomfield Hills High School is designed around Learning Communities giving students the opportunity to learn in a personalized and collaborative environment. Authentic learning and innovation are at the heart of our Learning Communities.

Learning Communities are designed around the Four Cornerstones

The Four Cornerstones are the foundation upon which our curriculum, scheduling, collaboration, and interactions are based and make up the important qualities required for successful Learning Communities.

At the heart of our Learning Communities is the promotion of authentic learning and innovation so every student can meet their full potential and be well prepared for life after high school. 

The core of the Learning Community concept is the idea of deeper relationships. Throughout the Learning Community experience, student’s will have the opportunity to connect more with their teachers and classmates, and by extension, their learning.

Learning Communities offer increased interdisciplinary connections, greater responsibility and ownership of the community, and an opportunity to build stronger relationships with teachers and other students.

Authentic Learning 



Responsibility and Ownership

Within Each Community

Earch learning community contains four core disciplines: math, social studies, english and science. Students within that learning community will share the same teachers for their core academic curriculum.

Outside Each Community

Learning Communities are only for core classes.

Beyond the classroom students will still be able to take electives such as art, gym, music, and world languages. Students not in the same Learning Community will have opportunities to see each other in elective classes, at lunch, and before/after school. 


Mycah Butler- brick background

“I could almost describe Bloomfield Hills High School as a college campus, with the variety of classes available and all of the different places to
eat and learn. I really like the Learning Communities.”