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Biomedical Pathway

The Biomedical Pathway provides students with multiple  opportunities to engage in experiential learning and develop the transformative knowledge and skills to be literate in any biomedical profession.

Students enrolled in the program will collaborate with medical professionals, university personnel, and district educators to develop the knowledge and skills required for biomedical careers in the 21st century. Biomedical students become problem solvers that understand the connections between the healthcare industry, innovations in biotechnology, medical research, and bioethical issues.

Why Choose Biomedical?

  • Develop lab skills used in the biomedical industry
  • Investigate the disease process through case studies and   action research
  • Build awareness of ethical issues related to the biomedical field
  • Develop a portfolio to highlight your experiences for  building your resume
  • Learn alongside  medical professionals
  • Collaborate with medical lab science personnel  from universities
  • Develop the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication,  critical thinking, and creative problem solving
  • Develop skills in data analysis and statistics
Brain Dissection

Core Values:

  • Student Agency (Taking Responsibility for Learning, Ownership, &   Professional Attitude)
  • Connecting Content to Industry  (Learning Connected to Industry)
  • Authentic Learning and Assessment
  • Lab Skill Proficiency
  • Partnerships with Biomedical Professionals
  • Collaborations with Universities
  • Cross-Curricular Connections (Science, ELA, and Social Studies)
  • Experiences that Promote Inquiry and Investigation

Two Classes Per Semester:

Year One:

  • 1.0 Science
  • 1.0 Math (Statistics)
  • 0.5 Social Studies (Sociology)

Year Two:

  • 1.0 Science
  • 1.0 Math
  • 1.0 TBD Credit

Course Names:

  • Science Professional Learning Pathways Biomed Arts 1 (Model)

  • Science Professional Learning Pathways Biomed Arts 2 (Model)

Course Numbers:

  • #20210
  • #20213