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Canvas for Families

Canvas Update 9.11.2023

As mentioned in previous communications, BHHS parents will now be creating their own Canvas accounts. This method actually provides more benefits for you! It will allow you to use an email and password of your choosing. Additionally, if you forget your password, you will be able to use Canvas’s Forgot Password feature to have it reset in a timely manner. While you can set up your account using your Android or iOS app, we find it more user friendly to initially set up via the website below. We believe this method will be easier and provide you with more control over your account! Please follow the instructions below to create your account on your computer.

These steps will allow you to link your Canvas account to your student's account so you can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. Remember, observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.

Step 1: Receive the Pairing Code from Students

Important: Do NOT start this process until you have received a pairing code from your student. Your student will be taught this process on Monday or Tuesday, September 9th or 10th during their English class. Additionally, their English teacher of record will be following up to make sure this process is done. You must get your pairing code from your student. Once generated, pairing codes are only good for seven (7) days. If your code has expired, your student can simply generate another one.

Step 2: Activate Your Account

  1. Visit the Canvas website (Bookmark this link.)
  2. Click on Click Here For an Account link.
  3. Fill out the requested information.
  4. Begin observing! You can begin observing your student in Canvas immediately.

If you have multiple students (thus multiple pairing codes, only enter one (1) code here. You will add your additional students once this account has been created. See below for additional instructions.

Note: Pairing codes are case sensitive.

Important: Each observer must have their own unique pairing code. Each parent/guardian needs their own pairing code. 

Multiple Children

To add additional students to your Observer account, follow these steps.

  1. Log into the Canvas account you created.
  2. Click on Account (1), then click on Settings (2).
  3. Click on Observing.
  4. Type the additional pairing code in the Student Pairing Code field  and click the Add Student button.
  5. Begin viewing the paired student