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Student Leadership

Welcome to Student Leadership at BHHS: Fostering Unity and Empowerment

At Bloomfield Hills High School, Student Leadership takes center stage as a pivotal force in shaping our vibrant school culture. Comprising 45 dedicated members, including ten representatives from each grade, a five-member Executive Board, and two devoted teacher advisors, Student Leadership serves as a conduit for fostering strong connections among students, staff, and administration.

Our Purpose and Impact: Student Leadership is on a mission to cultivate a positive and enjoyable school environment. By building rapport and promoting camaraderie, we aim to create a sense of belonging that resonates throughout the entire Bloomfield Hills High School community.

A Dynamic Presence: With a robust commitment to community service, outreach to both students and staff, and the orchestration of school-wide events, BHHS Student Leadership plays a vital role in crafting an atmosphere of warmth, inclusivity, and encouragement.

Engage with Us: Should you seek more information about Student Leadership-run events or have any queries, we invite you to connect with a Student Leadership representative. Alternatively, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated class sponsors or advisors who are always ready to assist.

At Bloomfield Hills High School, Student Leadership isn't just a class – it's a catalyst for unity, empowerment, and positive transformation. Join us in shaping an environment where every student's voice is heard, every connection is meaningful, and every day is an opportunity to thrive.


Homecoming Spiriti Week is October 2-6!

Get in the Black Hawk spirit!