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Technology Support

Bloomfield Hills High School uses technology to support students, teachers and our four cornerstones through:

  • Creation of stronger, more meaningful relationships between students, teachers, parents and the community
  • Development and implementation of stronger interdisciplinary units and lessons that ensure that students experience authenticity in their learning while making connections across subjects
  • Opportunities for both students and teachers to achieve a higher level of innovation
  • Increased sense of ownership of the learning environment and level of personal responsibility

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a technology initiative where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. A personally owned device is any wireless and/or portable electronic piece of equipment that includes laptops, netbooks, tablets/slates, and smart phones.

Why BYOD? Several advantages include:

  • Personalized student-centered learning
  • Embraces 21st Century learning
  • Student real time access to information
  • Availability of Cloud-based resources and storage
  • Flexibility in learning and instruction
  • Supports shift towards less paper consumption
  • Support students in the learning communities environment
  • Supports BHHS Cornerstones: Relationships, Responsibility & Ownership, Authentic Learning, and Innovation.